The Seasons in the Napa Valley 

 by Jim Pryts

Autumn in the Napa Valley
The vintage to the cask is poured,
Allowing it's own time to mellow,
While in its oaken barrel stored.


Summer in the Napa Valley
Turning water into wine,
Vineyards green, then turn to yellow,
And leave us waiting on the vine.


Springtime in the Napa Valley
Glory in the yellow glow,
As between the budding vines,
The mustard carpet starts to grow.


Winter in the Napa Valley
The land asleep 'neath gentle rain,
A time for rest and sweet renewal,
For when the vines bear fruit again.

One of four signed prints. Autumn in the Napa Valley causes us to reflect on the bountiful summer that has past, and the harvest of the grapes in the most beautiful place on earth. Each piece is personally printed and signed by the photographer.

Art copyright Jim Pryts, 2001, All Rights Reserved

Poem copyright Jim Pryts, 1988, All rights Reserved


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